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We take pride in helping our clients overcome all types of difficulties with their mortgages. Since we treat every case individually, we can nearly always find a solution that works. You can read about how we've helped our clients by reading some of the testimonials they have left after using our services.

"I was really in trouble with my mortgage and while I had access to money in my retirement account, I knew I could not keep up my mortgage payments. Fortunately, Contemporary Capital USA helped me with a discounted payoff where I could pay off my entire mortgage and now I own my home outright. Thank you for your help getting me out of this tricky situation. I really appreciate the service you provided."
Joshua N.

"We were both back to work and getting back on track with all of our payments except our mortgage. Not matter how hard we tried we simply could not make ends meet. Contemporary Capital USA worked with us to create a payment plan we could afford. Afterwards, we had payments we could afford, our loan is reinstated and we no longer have the threat of foreclosure hanging over our heads! Thank you Contemporary Capital USA! "
Cathy & Mark D. 

"Once I got back to work I realized there was no way that I could afford my current mortgage payment. In spite of working as hard as I had before I was laid off, my mortgage payments were crippling me. I spoke with Contemporary Capital USA and they were able to help me get both my interest rate and my principal lowered. Now, I am able to pay my mortgage and still meet my other obligations."
 Brad W.

"We had our mortgage loan for more than 15 years. We had 15 years left to pay and we were cash-strapped. Contemporary Capital USA helped us modify our loan to a 25 year repayment so we could get back to a payment we could afford and still keep our home. All this service never cost us a dime out of pocket. Thank you Contemporary Capital USA for helping us keep our home."
John & Lisa A

"Through a series of incidents we found we would be able to fully reinstate our loan if we did not have to worry about paying an attorney to help us fight foreclosure. We contacted Contemporary Capital USA and we were able to fully reinstate our loan with their help. We appreciate the time your specialists spent with us and would highly recommend your services to anyone having trouble with foreclosure."
Jan & Mike C.

"After being out of work and running up mountains of debt, falling behind on my mortgage and going through a difficult divorce, there was no way I could reinstate my mortgage in full. Contemporary Capital USA was able to work with me to set up a 90-day repayment on the past due amounts allowing me to keep my home and get back on my feet financially. I appreciate all the assistance."
Julie N. 

"I knew after my divorce that selling my home was the only reasonable solution to keeping myself intact financially. I was uncertain where to turn. Fortunately, I spoke with the mortgage specialists at Contemporary Capital USA and they were able to provide me immediate cash for the equity I had in my home and take over the sale of the property. I was able to purchase a condominium for less than half of my current mortgage. Thank you for your help."
Nella B.

"We were ready to retire but in spite of having tons of equity in our home we were unable to sell. Contemporary Capital USA allowed us to sign the home over to them and take a good amount of equity out in cash. This helped us buy a smaller home in a retirement community and start our retirement off on the right foot. Thank you CC! "
Ed & Carole J.

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