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Options and opportunities for borrowers

    "No matter what your individual situation is, you have options. Whether you want to stay in your home or sell it, we can help. Here is an overview of the most common workout options."


Chances are you are visiting this page because you are an existing customer of Contemporary Capital USA. We work hard to help hard working Americans who are facing challenges paying their mortgage. Whether the borrower has current issues paying their mortgage or they are back on their feet, we can still help.

Benefits of being a Contemporary Capital USA Borrower:

Personalized Programs

We know that not every borrower has the same needs and goals. We will assign a specialist to your case to make sure your individual needs are met. See some of the borrower's we've helped

Individual Solutions

We offer nine specific solutions that can assist borrowers regardless of their current situation. We provide the following workout solutions:


We Help You Save

We understand everyone is in a different financial situation and we know that not everyone has cash up front to help them get on track. We have a number of options that can help you get out from under a crippling mortgage. Learn more about how this works:



Who Are We?

Contemporary Capital USA is a private company that deals only with residential mortgages. We are an investment company that works with every borrower to deal with their financial difficulties. As a mortgage investment management company, we acquire residential mortgages, manage defaulted loans and work out solutions for borrowers that also benefit their banks.

Contemporary Capital USA takes a unique approach with every borrower they deal with. We understand that when borrowers need a solution to their mortgage difficulties they need someone who will deal with them as an individual; with compassion and offering real solutions to real problems.

At Contemporary Capital USA we know that borrowers cannot wade through the red tape that is often involved in modifying their mortgage or dealing with sometimes unreasonable representatives that simply will not work with them to offer a solution. That’s where we come in. We offer socially responsible solutions in an efficient manner designed to make every situation a win-win.


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